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Volunteer with Charlotte Pride Band

As an organization comprised of volunteer musicians and staff, we can always use a little extra help.  As a result, we have three standing committees that always need a little help: 

  • Our Marketing Committee is responsible for Charlotte Pride Band's overall marketing strategy and fulfillment. This includes the creation and distribution of all marketing materials, content creation for social media outlets, and all digital assets including photographs and logos. 

  • The Production Committee plays an enormous role in the success of our concerts by helping to secure performances spaces, managing transportation of needed equipment to performance locations, overseeing setup/breakdown of chairs and music stands before/after rehearsals or concerts, and making sure ticketing, seating, and/or reception areas are set up prior to concerts. 

  • The Personnel Committee plays an enormous role in the success of our musicians! This committee schedules and produces social activities for the band and acts as volunteers during performances and events, freeing up the musicians and leadership team to focus on performing. 

Other volunteer opportunities also exist, such as being a "band aid" during parade performances by carrying our banner or passing out water to the marchers. 


Our hope is that your volunteer experience gives you a chance to be involved in the community, learn about the workings of a non-profit organization, build some leadership experience - while building some friendships along the way. 

To get started, simply fill out the form on this page! 

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