Charlotte Pride Band gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their support of our mission in the 12 months (ending  2/29/2020): 

Directors ($1000+)

Tommy Hudnall & Jose Rivas

Crystal & Juergen Kaiserling

Patrons ($500 - $999)
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Eugene Steele

Craig Snider & Jeremiah Nelson

Contributors ($250 - $499)

Ralph Canfield

Nicole Ann Ciaramella

John Robert Clawson

Ken Davis

Lester Franzen

Paul Kueny

Meriwether Lyman

Andres Orench

David Silden

Jennifer & Tom Thielen

Mike Swartwood & Cody Weaver

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Friends (up to $250)

Anonymous (3)

Jonathan Barrio & Candelario Saldana

Christopher Dominguez Belarde

JoAnne Blackstone

Philip Bobzin

Coty-Ryan Bostian

Will Bucher

Alena Casares

Curtis Chancy

Michael Christenbury

Brandon Combs

Michael Curtis

Caleigh Davis

Jonathan Dulaney

J Edwards

Pamela Edwards

Jermaine Evans

Stefanie Fisco

Jeremy Flock

Randy Furr

Justin Grant

Mat Hendrix

Fayliza Horton

Dawn Howard

Brian Kilpatrick

Patricia King

Linda Lawyer

Mimi Legall

Julian Lewis

Noel Mills

John Monaghan

Robert Mullis

Michael Nguyen

Sara Parham

Gene Ruth Poler

Samantha Poler

Joe Polsgrove

Devon Redmond

Bailey Reidinger

Jess Ricker

Manny Roth & Bill Starnes

Jason Schultz

Matthew Srednick

Sean Stanton

Chris Sterling

Michael Sulewski & Dan Grogan

Kenneth Tealer

Kristofer Vogel

Charles Waldrip

M. David Wallace

Jonathan Ware

Cody Warren

Jaymz White

Amada Whitlock

Paul Whiting

The Maestro's Circle

The Maestro's Circle consists of individuals and organizations who have provided significant financial support to CPB over multiple years. Charlotte Pride Band extends special thanks to the businesses and individuals below for their continuing support and belief in our mission!  

Don C. Niehus
Ron Vereen & Arthur Milne

PO Box 11566

Charlotte, NC 28220

Dr. John S. Ross, Artistic Director

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