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Corporate Sponsorship

2020-2021 Season Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships provide general operating support for the band. This may include providing assistance for musicians unable to purchase supplies or afford instrument repairs; the purchase of necessary equipment such as instruments, music, music stands, or percussion equipment; paying for rehearsal and performance venue rentals; or as general support of outreach programs. 

Sponsorships begin at $100 and extend through June 30, 2021. For more information on the value of a Charlotte Pride Band sponsorship or to find out about a customized sponsorship package, please e-mail

Thank you!

corporate sponsors

Charlotte Pride Band gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their support of our mission in the 12 months (ending  3/24/2021): 

Maestro's circle

The Maestro's Circle consists of individuals and organizations who have provided significant financial support to CPB over multiple years. Charlotte Pride Band extends special thanks to the businesses and individuals below for their continuing support and belief in our mission!  

Don C. Niehus
Ron Vereen & Arthur Milne

Directors, $1000

Mark Taylor, Wyndam Capital Mortgage

Patreons, $500-999

Contributors, $250-499

Kathy Smith Logo.png

friends, up to $249


Stephen Hegedus, Lawyer

Individual donors

 as of 1/1/2021


  • CLGF

  • Don Niehus

  • Ron Vereen and Arthur Milne



  • Thomas Hudnall and Jose Rivas

  • Stonewall Sports



  • John Clawson

  • Brian Crutchfield and Ken Davis 

  • Megan Donoho


up to $249

  • Philip Bobzin

  • Mary Ellen Brook

  • Dorthy Buchan

  • Stefanie Fisco

  • Ron Follas

  • Lane and Anne Glaze

  • Linda Lawyer

  • Reese Manceaux

  • Noel Mills

  • Jessica Miranda

  • Anne Monsted

  • Sara Parham

  • Joanna Peters

  • Joseph Polsgrove

  • Lee Robertson

  • William Strong

  • Ken Tealer

  • Jennifer Thielen

  • Penelope Wilson